Antique French Bisque Lady Grace by Bru

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Truly one of the favorite dolls we own right now, an amazing example of work by the famous Bru company. She is life size, measuring 20” from the base of the breastplate to the top of her head. Her shoulders are 14” from side to side.

I’m a little bit at a loss for words to describe what an amazing antique this is. Beautiful, artistic modeling. Expert craftsmanship and decoration. The porcelain is pressed bisque and is even and smooth. Her paperweight eyes are large, deep and expressive. She retains her original cork pate and spring attachment in the neck of the head.

This is truly a rare connoisseurs’ object. These must have been a very expensive side to the production of the dolls because few come on the market. One can imagine the technical expertise needed to create such an impressive thing.

She has come down through a century plus in perfect condition. A miracle by itself, given her size and inherent fragile nature of porcelain.

Not much more to say but “WOW“!

This is not a reproduction, but the original bisque head that has become known as Lady Grace among collectors.

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